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duminică, 28 octombrie 2018

There's no Gray In Autumn

I see colors walking on the streets.

I see leafs that are flying like a rainbow.
Each leaf has it's own unique color and it's own journey.
They're living the trees, living them empty but full of promises.
Promises that they're gonna came back.
In different colors.
Green, purple, red, salmon, orange, Peru, chocolate, sienna. But no Gray.

There's no Gray in Autumn.

A kid is playing with the leafs in a park.
His smile is yellow as the leafs he's playing with.
And then, become brown, coral, indigo.

Because there's no Gray in Autumn.

People are wearing so many colors.
But not of their clothes.
Colors of their souls.
The Sad is Blue, the Happy is golden, the Excited is violet, the loneliness is cyan, the joy is plum.
But there's no Gray.

Because there's no Gray in Autumn.

There are only drops of rain full of colors.
Eyes that are looking, souls that are feeling, hands that are touching, steps that are walking, on colors.

I love Autumn.

Because there's no Gray in Autumn